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Nobody does 'lazy' better than Kurt Vile and the vibe on his third Matador album is about as laid back as they come. Now obviously we're not saying Kurt is a slacker, he & his band The Violators have been incredibly busy recording & touring the past few years, but everything about Kurt from his lyrics, vocal delivery, song tempos & even his look emphasize chilling out. The album opens with the title track, an almost 10 minute epic with K.V. & the band doing what they do best, mellowed-out rocking with long guitar solo passages & Vile's stoned outlook on life (We must note here that Vile claims not to 'never, as they say, touch the stuff' on "Goldtone"). "Pure Pain" is the ultimate road song about missing his wife while on tour & there's a lyric about hanging out with MOON DUO that makes us smile. The main riff on "KV CRIMES" sounds like a mix of "The Loner" & "Cinnamon Girl" & we wonder if you'll have as much trouble getting it out of your head as we've had. Everything on "Wakin..." flows effortlessly & Kurt perhaps sums this up best with confidence on "Was All Talk", "makin music is easy, watch me." Another great album from Kurt Vile & the Violators.
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