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This Reckless reviewer bought the first SUPERCHUNK album when it came out & he's having a little trouble with the fact that the band has been together for almost 25 years. (gulp). Actually, it's totally o.k. because during those 25 years, SUPERCHUNK has managed to release 10 really solid albums including this one, the 2013 album "I Hate Music." It should be obvious that the title is ironic as we all know that the folks behind SUPERCHUNK & Merge Records obviously love some tunes. Our theory is that title is more about how playing music is unavoidable for a true musician, sort of like the Sopranos line "Every Time I think I'm Out, They Pull Me Back In." So yeah, we're all getting older but SUPERCHUNK still rocks with as much vigor as they did back in 1990 & if you're a fan, you're gonna love this.
Available at: Broadway
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