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Gift Certificates ()   12/01/2011  
Okay, it's not the most high tech system, but we do have gift certificates available on the site now in pre-defined amounts.

A couple great things about our gift certificates - they never expire, and we can look up your gift certificate in our system even if you have lost the physical copy. Please make sure we have a valid name for the recipient for this purpose. We will, however, leave the recipient name blank on the actual certificate unless it is being mailed to a different name & address or you request otherwise so that you can fill that out with a custom message if you desire.
If you have any difficulties, or you have a special request for how you want the gift certificate handled, you can also order them by phone or just give us the details in the comments section of the checkout form.

Shipping is $.75 for the US and $1.00 for international.

Click here for Gift Certificates

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