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And In The Darkness, Hearts Aglow (loser Edition, Color Vinyl 1st Press)
Sub Pop
Natalie Mering's 5th WEYES BLOOD album is yet another cosmic leap forward in her already excellent body of work. 'And In The Darkness' is every bit as epic in scope as 'Titanic Rising' and her songs still swell with echoes of 70's folk pop & AM Gold like NILSSON, CAROLE KING and THE CARPENTERS, but now it feels like Mering is fully assured in this style and ready to wield it like a superpower. The lush musicality is often in stark contrast to the lyrical content, which deals eloquently with feelings we all know too well from pandemic times - isolation, regret, and yearning to see a little light. The effect is thrillingly subversive & transformative, like a great magic trick. Special guests here include ONEOHTRIX POINT NEVER, HAND HABITS' MEG DUFFY, and MARY LATTIMORE. This is an undeniable Album of the Year contender coming in under the wire. HIGHLY, HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!
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Reset (ltd. Yellow Vinyl)
After having collaborated on each other's solo records over the past decade, ANCO's PANDA BEAR and the great SONIC BOOM (ex-SPACEMEN 3) share equal billing on this 2022 album. The sound they chase is rooted in 60s pop music, but their approach is uniquely sample-based, crafting sugary melodies, rich honeyed harmonies and propulsive rhythms towards lite psychedelia that seems like THE BEACH BOYS or THE ASSOCIATION thrown into a time machine. Some of either artists' best work in a few years, this comes RECOMMENDED.
Available at: Loop
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Rough Trade
We've had our eyes out over the past few years for art punks SPECIAL INTEREST, who across two LPs and a handful of EPs have cultivated a sound that mixes in disco, house, industrial and funk, creating a virile dance punk concoction that on their third album, "Endure", comes to a thrilling head. Embracing both a militaristic stance to institutional oppression and violence and a warm championing of queer sexuality, these songs hiss, pulsate, rumble and pummel in equal measure. One of the best records of the year (in this writer's humble opinion). HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.
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Life Moves Pretty Fast (imp,4cd/7"/tape) John Hughes Mixtapes (box Set)
The films of John Hughes are special to people around the world but they are particularly special to Chicago. Many of his now classic films were set or filmed here & the city was always one of the characters as much as Ferris Bueller or Kevin McCallister in Home Alone. Almost as important as the characters in Hughes films was the music. Films like Pretty in Pink & The Breakfast Club prominently featured new sounds of upcoming alternative artists like SIMPLE MINDS, OMD, ECHO & THE BUNNYMEN & PSYCHEDELIC FURS & awarded those artists with massive hits. Music was very important to Hughes during the filmmaking process & there was a alot of great songs in the films that didn't make the proper soundtracks that are now included in these great sets. We're really proud to be able to carry these essential compilations at Reckless. RECOMMENDED.
Available at: Milwaukee Ave
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The Brussels based musician Christina Vantzou is back with her 5th album for Kranky. The album opens with a ghostly track that sounds like someone walking through a dripping tunnel or cave while whistling to herself. Using field recordings, snippets of piano, mini orchestral pieces & ambient synth passages, Vantzou has a unique album that combines a number of different styles into one cohesive project.
Available at: Belmont and Milwaukee Ave
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How The Light Felt
"How the Light Felt" is the debut album from the Chicago based alt rockers SMUT. With shimmering guitars, a driving rhythm section & beautiful, longing vocals, the band manages to sound uplifting & sombre at the same time. Fans of 90s/00s Brit pop & indie rock like LUSH, THE SUNDAYS, VELOCITY GIRL, MAZZY STAR & even THE CRANBERRIES at times, early CAPTURED TRACKS releases etc...will love this. The band also features Reckless employee Andrew Min on guitar. Yeah Andrew! RECOMMENDED.
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Lesprit De Lescalier
The California born Chicago resident Shasta Esprit Gilmore, who has also released music as SKIP TRACER debuts with some music under her proper name. This is a bit different than SKIP TRACER with some glitched-out beats behind really well written, somewhat shambolic lo-fi pop tunes that remind us of everything from the more mellow side of Karen O, BROADCAST's "Tender Buttons" busted synth sounds, ALEX G, the poetic lyrics of CLEANERS FROM VENUS, ST. VINCENT glam & hints of the Elephant 6 Collective. Mighty fine stuff from this local musician & Reckless record slinger!
Available at: Belmont
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Words & Music 1965 (deluxe Edition) (2lp W/ 7")
Light In The Attic
1965 demos recorded by Lou Reed & John Cale that were kept sealed in an envelope that Reed mailed to himself as a "poor man's copyright" & released for the very first time in 2022. The very first versions of "I'm Waiting For the Man", "Heroin" & "Pale Blue Eyes" are included along with a number of previously unreleased recordings. Just typing that out almost seems unbelievable. The recording quality is surprisingly decent & it feels truly special to be able to hear these fly-on-the-wall style recordings of music that would become legendary. RECOMMENDED.
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Meaningless (remastered) (ltd. Baby Blue Vinyl)
Jealous Butcher
FINALLY, this long lost cult classic power pop album by JON BRION is back in print, newly remastered and available on vinyl for the first time ever. If you're a fan of Jon's iconic movies scores (like Eternal Sunshine, Lady Bird, Magnolia...the list goes on & on) or his impeccable production work (most famously with FIONA APPLE, KANYE WEST, MAC MILLER...again, ON & ON & ON) and you've either never heard "Meaningless" or only caught it bootlegged on YouTube, then this is ESSENTIAL listening. HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION POSSIBLE.
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Confusion Is My Name
James Marlon Magas has made a lot of music under different names (LAKE OF DRACULA, COUCH, MAGAS etc...) but this is the first time he's made anything under his full name & he's gone ALL IN for this one. With help from a unique group of collaborators including Asia Argento, Miss Pussycat, Electronicat & Fred Lonberg-Holm, Magas has created his electronic, art-rock masterpiece & there's even a little rap tune (!!) & some great artwork by Robert Beatty. Anyone that's been following Jim on his remarkable journey will recognize that it's all be building to this. RECOMMENDED!!
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New LP $26.99