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"Amok" is the debut release from Thom Yorke's 'other band' but in many ways this is ultimately the follow-up to "The Eraser." On that album, Yorke had help behind the board from Nigel Godrich & now, Godrich is a full-fledged member along with Flea on bass, David Byrne percussionist Mauro Refosco & Joey Waronker on drums. If you had the pleasure of seeing ATOMS FOR PEACE playing songs from "The Eraser" live then you should know what to expect though despite the proper 'rock band' line-up, "Amok" is still very glitchy & electronic sounding. Those of you worried about an abundance of Flea 'slappin' tha bahs', don't fret, he's pretty restrained here. In fact, sometimes while listening we kept thinking, "Where is Flea dag nabbit?" As we all know, Yorke is commanding front-man but he seems to have taken a step back here, as if he's trying to blend into the crowd. His vocals are mostly falsetto & pretty soft giving the album an overall very mellow vibe. There isn't much guitar at all, instead most of the tunes are driven by frantic rhythms & analog synths. Fans of RADIOHEAD's more electronic side, "The Eraser" & things like FLYING LOTUS, James Blake etc... will love this.
Available at: Belmont
Used LP( Near Mint Condition )