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Caroline Polachek
Though technically her third solo album, PANG is the first album CAROLINE POLACHEK is releasing under her real name, and it feels like a reintroduction. Coming off of an amicable breakup of her great art-pop outfit CHAIRLIFT and a few high-profile writing credits on BEYONCE & CHARLI XCX albums, POLACHEK gives us one of the most confident and forward-thinking pop albums in recent memory. A writing, producing, & performing threat, she brings her staggeringly malleable voice to a consistently diverse & surprising array of left-of-center pop bangers that manage to be both accessible & sonically inventive. PC MUSIC wunderkinds DANNY L HARLE & A.G. COOK do some production as well, & their contributions definitely come through. If you like the PC MUSIC stuff, or CHAIRLIFT, or CHARLI XCX, or great pop music in general, buy this now. RECOMMENDED.
Available at: Belmont and Loop
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