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It's been a quick nine months since the release of the first DISAPPEARS album "Lux" & we couldn't be happier about the early 2011 gift that these handsome local boys have bestowed upon us. "Guider" seems to pick up right where "Lux" left off. The forumula is still the same; shorts bursts of post-punk energy with pounding drums, heavily reverbed guitars & Brian Case's barked & somewhat buried vocals. The recording is a bit cleaner this time around though. Halfway through the album, the band veers off in a new course with the lengthy jam "Revisiting", a 15 minute + Deutsch rock inspired track that is the most diverse recording the band has put to tape. Surprisingly, "Guider" is the last album to feature the drumming of Graeme Gibson. SONIC YOUTH drummer Steve Shelley will be replacing him in the live setting but we're unsure about the permanent line-up of the band in the future. Another achievement for this talented Chicago group. For fans of JESUS & MARY CHAIN, NEU, SUICIDE, VELVET UNDERGROUND, etc...
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