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Trouble in Mind
It's difficult to imagine a better album title for March, 27 2020 than "Void Moments." The world is now a few months into a global pandemic & most of have been having our own "void moments" pretty much every day. Thankfully great music is a welcome distraction to all of this topsy-turvy chaos & the prolific & reliable Chicago band FACS has made perhaps their best record yet. Noah Leger is one of the best drummers around & he's the defacto leader on many of the songs. There's a ton of interesting studio trickery & effects on EVERYTHING which gives their already post-industrial snarl & unique angle, sort of like THIS HEAT's playful willingness & to sort of attempt to destroy their own recordings. It's difficult to say where we'll all be in a few months or even a few weeks, but thankfully we now have this soundtrack to all of our moments, contemplating the void. RECOMMENDED.
Available at: Belmont
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