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The first piece of Steve Ellison, aka FLYING LOTUS's, sixth album arrived in the form of a collaboration with David Lynch. Five years between 2014's "You're Dead!" and now, and we get a surreal video directed and narrated by Lynch of an interlude that appears halfway thru the record, aptly titled "Fire is Coming". Since then, the pieces of "Flamagra" that have been revealed to the public - both intentional and unintentional - have continued the motif of fire, both in it's calm and fury. Smoky layers of bass and synth cover the album's quieter moments, making way for it's more intense and nimble segments, all the while retaining it's groovy, "in the pocket" sensibility. Ellison deftly maneuvers these changes by bringing a large list of collaborators into the fold that each compliment the album's varying tones. There's no space to list everyone, but GEORGE CLINTON, THUNDERCAT, SOLANGE, HERBIE HANCOCK, ANDERSON .PAAK and DENZEL CURRY all make contributions, and at every point their presence is intuitively purposeful. FLYING LOTUS's music has always incorporated hip-hop, jazz, funk and electronica into a unified sound that demonstrates the styles' shared lineage of influence. That blend has never felt more cohesive than here on "Flamagra". VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!
Available at: Milwaukee Ave
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