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When Damon Albarn created his alter-ego band GORILLAZ it seemed that maybe he just wanted to get away from all of the BLUR VS OASIS bullshit & just get back to making the music he wanted to hear. There's always been a comical side to the group but with each record, Albarn & co seem to have gained more confidence & "Plastic Beach" is probably the most confident record yet. The record starts off with the most exciting cameo in our opinion, SNOOP DOGG & the track is pretty killer. Throughout the rest of the record, Albarn is joined by LOU REED, MOS DEF, BOBBY WOMACK, DE LA SOUL, GRUFF RHYS & more. Similar to the previous albums, the music ping-pongs between different styles, from hip-hop to grime, disco to new wave & so on. This record is absolutely all over the place & we wouldn't want it any other way.
Available at: Milwaukee Ave
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