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One of the most interesting things about a new LIARS album is you never really know what you're going to get. After helping start the dance-punk revival in the early '00s with bands like THE RAPTURE, they quickly veered of course in a darker, more abstract direction on their 2nd album. In 2007, they went straight-up rock on their "s/t" record & then in 2012 played around with RADIOHEAD-esque electronic meanderings. Now on their 7th album, these Berlin via NYC art rockers take on dance music but mutate it in that "LIARS" way. The beats are mostly straight-ahead & mid-tempo & hint at late 80's industrial & "120 Minutes" alt. rock. It's a little strange to hear such 'normal' beats from these guys, but like we mentioned earlier, LIARS always defy expectations & that's what we love about them so much.
Available at: Milwaukee Ave and Loop
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