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We can't tell you how excited we were when we found out that POLVO were getting back together. Their reunion shows back in 2008 were pretty mind blowing events & proved that these North Carolina boys still have plenty to offer & "In Prism" should convince you of that. All of the POLVO elements are in place, the Ash Bowie & Dave Brylawski guitar duel is still as freakish & bizarre as ever & the stream of consciousness lyrics still pop in at odd places. The biggest change seems to be that the band has 'tightened up' quite a bit. POLVO was always a technical band but there was always an underlining lazy stoner vibe to their songs. The songs on "In Prism" are more aggressive & we'll say that they even cross into prog territory at times. Don't fret though, there are rambling & seemingly unintentional sounding bits still. So yeah, POLVO went away for awhile but now they're back & there's not many bands out there that are better.
Available at: Milwaukee Ave
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