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Dead Oceans
Chicago's Ryley Walker has been part of the underground experimental & noise scene for awhile now & over the past few years, he's made a bit of a name for himself internationally, especially in Europe. Walker's still in his early 20's but he's one of those naturals that seems like he's been playing for 30 years. We doubt Walker would be too miffed if we talked about his obvious homage to 60's & 70's folk rock & we're talking everything from the title to the cover art to the songs. "Primrose Green" is a full-band album that owes as much to jazz as it does to British folk & you'll pick up on the John Martyn, Bert Jansch, John Renbourn & Van Morrison influences right away. We want to remind you though, Walker is no copycat that lives in the past, instead he's breathed new life into a sound that a lot of us have forgotten or maybe even never heard before. RECOMMENDED.
Available at: Broadway and Milwaukee Ave.
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