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Touch & Go
There are the 4 elements of the world: fire, water air & earth- And then the fifth, perhaps, is SLINT. Slint forged the crown out of the magic waters of Louisville Kentucky and everybody since 1991 has suckled the nipples of the great wonder: SLINT. for every band that sounds like Fugazi or Nirvana, there are 10x as many that want to be the magical wonders that are SLINT. maybe KING CRIMSON and YES started it all in the late 60s but only SLINT could pull it off and call it their own. For a band to break up right at the beginning of their greatest and reform after ten years like it was yesterday is no easy feat - especially when in between those years there was KING KONG, FOR CARNATION, EVERGREEN, PAPA M, BREEDERS and even, godforbid, ZWAN. every guy in his early 20s wanted to be in a band like SLINT. every record has "that moment" which sounds like SLINT. SLINT sold their souls at the crossroads and became the almighty unfuckwithable SLINT. enjoy this record again. go ahead, get it.
Available at: Loop
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Touch & Go
SLINT got some panties in a bunch when they announced the uber fancy boxset version of "Spiderland" in 2014. Those sold out faster than most expected & Touch & Go has smartly reissued just the remastered version of "Spiderland" for the not-so-super obsessives. This version was remastered from the original tapes by Bob Weston & includes a 12 page version of the book from the boxset, a DVD copy of the SLINT documentary "Breadcrumb Trail" by Lance Bangs & a download of the entire album plus + MP3s of 14 bonus tracks & outtakes. "Spiderland" is one of the most important alt. rock albums of the 90s & it definitely deserves the deluxe treatment.
Available at: Belmont and Milwaukee Ave
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