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WIRE's first three albums "Pink Flag", "Chairs Missing", & "154" were amazingly all released before 1980. At the time, WIRE was too arty for the punk kids & too punk for the arty kids. It's not that WIRE wasn't appreciated at the time because they were. It just took about 20 years for poeple to realize the genius of the band. WIRE really had it all; snotty punk anthems with a SEX PISTOLS edge & BUZZCOCKS hooks with Dadaist stream-of-consciousness lyrics. All three of the albums have been remastered by the band sans bonus tracks because they feel that added material mars the integrity & intention of the original albums. Look for some additional live albums & collections on the Pink Flag label soon. File under: Absolutely essential must own albums.
Available at: Milwaukee Ave
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154' (2018 REISSUE)
Pink Flag
The legendary first three albums by WIRE are finally available again. Each album has been faithfully remastered & they sound fantastic. It seems like pretty much anybody that knows anything about cool music goes through a WIRE phase so maybe now it's your turn? RECOMMENDED OF COURSE.
Available at: Belmont and Loop
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